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Discover the 5 Biggest Financial Pitfalls Which Have Helped Others:

  • Avoid the biggest mistakes that lead to individuals outliving savings in retirement

  • Optimize long term wealth and make earnings work harder

  • Keep more in savings by preventing leakage (in some cases as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars)

  • Take advantage of simple concepts the financial industry doesn't want clients to easily understand

  • Begin their customized financial journey and move away from cookie cutter financial planning approaches

The World Is In Financial Chaos But You Don’t Have To Be...

The secret to escaping financial dependency once and for all (regardless of what you make, where you’re from, or what you do) comes down to ONE thing:

What you do with your money.

Building financial independence begins with the right strategy & a personalized plan.

Our system was used to help hundreds of people seeking financial freedom gain the confidence, clarity, and know-how to make the most of every hard-earned dollar, wipe away financial-related fears, and escape seemingly never ending debt once and for all.

In these difficult times you need to get a custom plan, expert advice, and proven techniques, tips, and strategies to save more, make more, and keep more money in your pocket.

Despite what you’ve heard, financial stability, security, and safety are attainable, regardless of your age, gender, or background.

The key is getting honest guidance, the real truth about money, and avoiding common money-stealing traps.

Without a proven plan, you’ll continue unknowingly giving away your money, risking your financial freedom, and self-sabotaging your bank account.

With a proven plan, you’ll break free from financial dependency once and for all, set you (and your family) up for long-term financial stability, and feel secure with your finances.

Every minute counts, and you can't waste time, money or energy trying to figure out how to design your financial blueprint (and build long-term wealth) all on your own.

Our team is here to help you get started today, and mentor you every step of the way (including understanding where your finances are, identifying the options that best align to how you think about money, teaching you industry secrets that others don’t want you to know and more)


  • Building long-term wealth following a tested and proven approach

  • Discovering where to start and getting a personalized plan to achieve financial freedom

  • Going from confused to confident & experiencing the joy of living life on your terms while building financial freedom

  • Getting best practices & tried-and-true money-saving (and growing) strategies straight from the experts

  • Never again building wealth for your creditors instead of yourself

  • Implementing a customized plan in 30 days or less (and get the skills, resources and expertise to keep constructing your financial future)

  • Stopping from making money-stealing mistakes

  • Saving, spending, and investing like the 1%

  • Becoming your own banker

  • Learn the secret to almost instantly saving more money simply by tweaking your tax status (don't worry - it's a completely legal strategy)

It is possible to set yourself up for financial success, stability, and security no matter what is happening in the world when you follow a PROVEN SYSTEM.

Thanks to The Wealth Freedom Formula, our clients have gained:


By implementing their personalized plan for wealth optimization and financial independence


They have confidence in their financial decisions and are empowered to make strategic financial moves that feel right


No longer are cookie cutter approaches hindering our clients' ability to experience optimized financial outlooks

The program is eye-opening. Eunicia will show you how what you know or don’t know can sometimes hurt you financially! If you care about your finances, your future, your family, this program is for you.

~Clay M.

Eunicia is all about doing the right thing for her clients. The program is spot on in helping individuals have a clear path to reaching their financial independence goals.

~Ellen W.

As a prior Tax Advisor I can tell you, the contents of this program measure their weight in gold. It is a must for anyone serious about their long-term wealth.

~Daniel P.

Join Us & Find Out How Hundreds of Clients
Optimized Their Financial Futures

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Financial Independence Journey

Where to Start with Your Financial Independence Journey

September 22, 20212 min read

How do you know if you need to get started optimizing your financials?

More specifically, where do you start?

First off, let’s focus on identifying any loose financial ends. 

You can not know where you want to go unless you know where you are at. 

Think of a time when you put some important object away and you found it years and years later. Have you ever set aside a $100 bill and found it a long time after?

It is the same with our overall financials. So many people will engage in transactions or open up investment or retirement accounts and then, completely forget about it. By not knowing what we have working for us, our money may actually be working against us. Threats like Inflation, Potential loss of investment gains, and lost opportunities from lack of action take over when you are not prepared to make financial decisions.

Just like organizing a dirty room, our finances need to be organized, spiderwebs dusted aside, and we need to have a clear understanding of what we are dealing with.  That first step can be scary and intimidating but once we start to understand where everything is and we become organized, planning is so much easier from there.

Try to find all of the assets you have accumulated by taking note of all of your accounts, statements, and their whereabouts.  The beautiful thing is that once you are organized you will realize that there may be a lot of “hidden money” you had no idea existed.

Important Tactics that can help you get started on your path to optimizing finances and wealth: 

  • Goal setting

  • Understanding your investment options

  • Choosing the right financial team 

For today, start small, start by taking inventory of everything you may have working for you so that you can eliminate money costing mistakes!


Reserve your spot in our upcoming Empowered Financial Planning Masterclass so that you can:

  • start eliminating potential money leaks, 

  • optimize your financials and wealth creation plans, and 

  • gain a handle on life and freedom to enjoy it on your terms


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